zaterdag 7 november 2009


So I just came home from France, and boy are my tires tired.

For you this time:

My Renoise Compilation selection...

Choice #1 : JBL - Avoyage Beneath The Skin Of Robocat.mp3
What I like a lot about this track is all the different moods in it.
Moods like: 'city night', 'cold blue', 'metal sharts', 'hot smog',
'fluorescent white fresh yellow', and 'iced rubber'. It has all the
detailed glitches switches shmitches ditcheds in all the right places,
nothing too overpowering, not boring, just right. It was around this
track where I was writing some simple sound spectrum visualisation
thing in Processing which jittered and hopped quite well to the

Choice #2 : Spodnik - Drail.mp3
I was now playing around with a slightly more advanced version of the
spectrum visualisation thing mentioned above, which could now read
left and right channel inputs. Really neat to watch when listening to
this track. The song is exactly what I had created there; a black
space, with eye piercing bright color mixtures constantly trying to
attack your mental health by forming and switching between strange
textures within microseconds which you couldn't really pinpoint with
your eyes, but you could see them as long as you paid attention or
shifted your eyes in the right way at the right moment.

Choice #3 : Vivace - Pinch Hitter 2.mp3
I know what you're thinking, and no it's not 'because I already
praised Vivace's other EP'. This track is completely different from
what this artist made on Polderdub, and it took me quite by surprise.
I'm not sure what to write down about this track, just that my hands
just got very sweaty and cold, like I'm panicking but I don't know it
yet. A shameless attack on your well being I think is the right

However, there are so many tracks in this competition, that I had a
really hard time fishing out the best ones. So here's a little list of
tracks that get a special mention:

Breakthru - Greyskii (Airy and lush)
Brian Lutes - James Brown Breakbeat On Drugs (Funky and gentle)
EatMe - Ash - Final (Quite a long pill to swallow, but so lush)
Oberheim6 - Kid Carnage (Obscure)
Padlock - 240 (Damn powerful)
UncleC - OA (Fun!)
Void Pointer - Rijst (That's rice in dutch innit?)

These are all tracks I'd sure put into a patskin pack or two.

Thanks to everyone for delivering this wide collection of creations!

Again, this was A LOT of fun, if you're reading this Dac, and you need a reviewer again for anything, you know where to find me mate!

Next up, Patskin Pack Episode 2?
Yes! It is coming up, don't worry. I am currently mixing up things as we speak. Hope it will be enjoyed again by all. Give it a few more days, and you will be rewarded. Hopefully.

New reviews?
Well, where to start? Literally, where to start?