vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Music is still good, damn it!

It is true!
Music has never been bad, it has always been a matter of opinion. A certain genre of music has never been 'the worst genre ever', it's just what a selection of people thought about it. If you say music sucks nowadays, then how come you still listen to it? You know music is not bad, it depends on what you like!

With that, i keep discovering hidden gems, everywhere i go. I review them, describe my feelings and visions when i listen to it. I give you these gems, these visions, right here. Hope you enjoy, and keep in mind;

They are all my personal opinions. They are not based on facts.



6 opmerkingen:

  1. yar, at times i get into certain music that no one i personally know likes as well. it doesn't mean it's better or worse to me. but, if i do find something that perticularly annoys someone it is then that much better

  2. I always like the music that no one else likes, or wants to like (so it seems lately). For example, I LOVE Just A Souvenir, and loads of people thought it sucked for whatever reason. But that's the thing... It DOES NOT suck... they personally think it sucks. I personally think it's lovely... People too often speak in facts that they can't underbuild properly.

  3. i thought 'just a souvenir' sucked bad with the exception of Delta-V. for me the best SP album will always be 'music is one rotted note'

  4. Music Is Rotted One Note is absolutely excellent yeah.