vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Review 001: Vivace - Polderdub EP

Who is Vivace? What is his motive? What does he do, and what does he look like. Who does he talk to, and who’s actually scared of his appearance. Where does he live? What kind of a land does he live in? Does anyone else live there, or is it like the place behind God’s sky high gates of heaven? Or hell maybe? Is this land open for new settlers, for whoever wants to take a look around in this unknown place? And what would it look like from the inside? What does the ground feel like, what would the air smell like and what do the materials in this world taste like? Are the emotions the same there, as they are in here? We would all like to know, but unfortunately, you have to experience it. I’ve been there, and I can tell you, it is beyond my skill and knowledge to explain visually. Let me try it in words, and give you a look into Polderdub, the home of Vivace.

Track 01, Devilgrass (4:02)
In what way do you, the reader, explain a certain object or happening? Is it even worth explaining it in words, or with sound and harmonics. Feelings are hard the explain, we all know that. What Vivace formerly was, is no more, for now, and it gets much more clear upon the first kick drum in this track. What are these voices? There are more noticeable voices, but listen closely for the hidden ones. It is the voice of the wind, going through the devilgrass, releasing a smell and fear of unknown force. It is such a strange experience. Vivace is a strange experience. Emphasise the expression experience, you’ll know what I mean.

Track 02, Eddy (2:49)
This Eddy person is part of the experience. So there are more visitors to his world, only seen when certain harmonics are played. He is of unknown allure, and because of that gives a certain feeling of hope to whoever crosses his path. Talk to Eddy, learn his ways and world, his emotions, travel along his side through his vision. Feel his vision.

Track 03, Appeltje Eitje (2:54)
All patterns there might have been so far are gone. It is now suddenly familiar to you what is under Vivace’s astro black hat. He is right, which is not a opinion but a fact. It becomes quite clear, just listen. No matter the language, matter the fire, the burn. It is not easy to express yourself through words, but this man is the pioneer. Learn from him, for he is a teacher, and if you want, yours. No hero can bring more attitude, than this near 3 minute cold harsh statement.

Track 04, Strotyoghurt (3:52)
Did you know, that yoghurt is a highly concentrated substance of live bacteria? This yoghurt is more than just concentrated. It is the dub track to conscience, the open door to all that you did not know, or what you don’t ever want to know. Forbidden knowledge, that you have to dare to pluck off the tree. You need not to be shy, just willing. It tastes foul, but you will love it, and it will change you not only mentally. It is a coating of enigma, a concoction of dingbattism.

Track 05, Jong Belegen (3:41)
It does not stop here. Never. It is a train, that only let’s you off when at your stop when you’re done being what you were. Once on this train, there is no going back. It is busy in this train, and you have to sit down. You have to sit next to an unknown man, one of whom you’ve never seen the likes before. Faceless as he is, for he avoids to look in any direction other than the same as yours, the listener. There are more listeners on this train I’m sure, just look for the bewildered and confused ones.

Track 06, Test Results (2:59)
As the train plunges on in to the night, you wonder who is worried about you now. There are people waiting for you to come home, but there is no way you can escape this train, you have to wait until you’re done. It is a test, you might realise, not from God, but someone else, and we all know who. For all who thinks of the devil now; he’s quite similar. You accept this as a test, not knowing when the result will be revealed, not knowing if the result will be alike the high standards. You are not a slave, but you are. You accept this, and oh, if you could only see the heroic look on your face right now.

Track 07, Raskolnikov (3:51)
The train speeds, and decelerates, all at the same time. No gravitating movement on this train, which is strange, but exciting. You already feel different than normal. This must mean a good thing. One last drop and it’s over. Will you ever see the train again? Will you be able to take it again then? It is for veterans, for people that aren’t people anymore. What will you tell the people at home? Will you lie and not tell the thrilling secret you have just experienced for as long as it took? The final test is done, and you still have no idea how the story went.

I stood at my stop at this point. Not confused about my coordinates, I was right where I was supposed to be. I know what I wanted to know, and everything that is supposed to be a mystery, is still a mystery. I know that my story is hard to believe, but take a minute of your time to have a listen, and I promise you a trip that will answer all the same questions as I stated at the beginning of this review.

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  1. did you do anything with the eno-byrne track? sounds the same to me...

  2. Octo7: eno-byrne track?

    kei9: i know :( i think i'll be able to upload it to a mate's space temporarily soon..

  3. You do that. Cool music in yer myspace. Cheers

  4. Patrick! When is Pack 2 release be it?
    Ya boi, Calum.

  5. yeah i am totally wrong. its "IRAQ SAYS" which i know from an old boards of canada tape and for some reason constantly think is by brian eno and david byrne when in fact its not, i think there is a similar sample of a news report on an eno/byrne song. DAMN YOU DRUGS. think i tend to confuse it with "america is waiting"

  6. p.s. i love this release too even though i am commenting on the patskin pack.

  7. Thank you for exposing me to this record. It is quite wicked!